Thursday, 1 November 2018

That really stinks.

Sam took his sister’s phone and hid in the bathroom. Sam downloaded the app. He kept pressing the button and it kept making farting noises. He thought it was so funny and that he was cool. A toilet monster took the smartphone. Sam flushed himself down the toilet and chased the monster on the alligator to the monster’s cave. Sam hid behind a rock in the monster’s cave. Sam saw there were five more monsters. The big monster started to talk to his friends. Saying “Hey, I stole a phone from a little boy. Let’s see what it does.” The big monster used his long tentacles to push the buttons. The phone made fart noises. Then Sam was thinking of a plan to get back his sister’s phone.. Sam made a diversion and grabbed the phone.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018


Yesterday my family went to the beach and first we played games. We played hide and go seek. I was in with Sifa and my little brother and the others and I got cut by a branch. Then we ate pork and some other stuff. After that, we went to go and swim. Finally, we got changed and we went home.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

aboriginal art symbol


Yesterday, my little brother and I were playing and then we went to our room. I played with my big brother and I had fun. We played a game that we made up. It was called Over and Under. Someone had to go on top and grab a pillow. The other person had to go under and try to grab the person.
I felt shocked cause my brother scared me. It was so much fun playing it with my brothers.