Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Imaginative Recount: Riding on a Water Jet Pack

Last Friday I went rode on a water jet pack over the Pacific Ocean. And when I turned on the water jet pack and I went flying into the air. Then my water jet pack ran out of fuel. The water stopped then I fell into the ocean. I swam to the beach and got out of the water and went home. Then the next day I went in the water and turned on the water jet pack. It worked again. Then I went home and told my mum that it worked and I never did it again.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The Bucket

Task Description: Today we had to show what we can write when we have to write without talking to others. We were able to work quietly to complete the task.

On the weekend a man was at his farm with all his animal’s He put a bucket on the floor then the bees were drinking the water then the Bird was drinking the water then some more animal came to have a drink then a cow with grass and dirt on its face.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

immersion assembly term 2

Term 2 on monday I arrived in the hall. We were watching all of the team show it was so cool i like team 3 and team 4 they are the best mosley mrs west and mrs moala. .Team 5 done tug of war.Team 2 tried to move the massive boulder. They tried to push the boulder It didn't work then they used a lever then the teachers jumped on it then it Went flying in the air. Our immersion assembly is about Force And motion I want to learn How to make to a plane.