Friday, 22 September 2017

Space Art

This week room 13 made cool pictures about space.We drew and painted rockets and planets. We had to be careful,take time and work hard. We learnt it was ok to make mistakes. To finish off we added some glitter.We feel amazing about our pictures.  

Friday, 8 September 2017

Trip to the Bush

Bush Walk

Today we went on a adventure. And we were running to the bush. Then we found sticks. Me and Caleb we worked together. We nearly nearly made a hut but Caleb ditched me and I had to work alone. I grabbed a big stick. I found a tree and I climb it and it broke and I was hanging on the tree branch. Then I hopped off and made my hut. Then it was time to go back to class and I loved Miss King because she is my favourite teacher in the world.

Cross country

                                                                                Ti was a hot  and sunny and we were waiting for aur cross country race.I was feeling nervous while i sat on the concrete. We lined up and were ready to race as quickly as i could i ran through the muddy grass chasing my friend. Out of breath my sore legs and my heart was beating so fast but i never gave up. I was filled with energy i started to sprint to the finish line. After the race

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Star Dome

Last Wednesday me and my class went for an adventure to the Star dome on a bus. When  we got out we went inside of the Star dome and we did activities. When we were done we went outside and I played on the spinning wheels and the zip line. I had so much fun. Then we went on the bus and we had to go back to school. When I got back from the Star dome it was lunchtime and when lunchtime was done we had to get back to class we got a treat and we went home happy and kind and calm and we live safe and safe and sound.