Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Camp 2018

Last week i went to camp outside near the office on the field. We all got inside the big tent. Then Mr Goodwin tells as when to go. First we went to cyclo ball and then we went to the hall to play free time. I was playing on the skateboard. Then it was night time. On Friday we went to the pools. Then when we got on the bus then we got off the bus and there were Some went to the main pool and some went to the bombing pool i thought i was about to drown in the pools but mrs parrent saved me then we got out of the pools then we went back to camp and we went home i had a long sleep.


  1. I really like your post of your swimming at camp. It looks like fun. I wish I was there with you. What was your favorite activity?
    From Jared, Owairaka District School. is the link to my blog.

  2. Hi Pt England School! That looks so fun and going to camp that's probably even more fun my class is going camping to I cant wait to go. I don't need to go to a water park because we have a pool but i guess that would be more fun. Don't forget to cheek out my blog and every ones blog at Owairaka bye. From Rico.

  3. Hi, my name is Ronan from Owairaka School. I like your profile image. It is really funny. What did you use to make it? Link here to see my blog

  4. Hi Osa,

    I was really proud of how you jumped into the deep pool even though you were feeling nervous! I knew you could do it!

    Miss West