Friday, 19 June 2020

Biosphere 2

School Assembly

Today we had a special assembly. Because there were someone special was there siting on the chair with his sister there name were Joseph and elizabeth parker first we did a karakia then sang a himene then we sang more songs about matariki.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Which game is better

Is Fortnite better than Rainbow Six siege

Malo e lelei I am going to talk about which games is best to play

I think that Rainbow six siege is better than fortnite because fortnite is a bit cartoonish and it is confusing because the way you build and the sensitivity if it is high then it will be hard same as if it goes low cause then you will edit slow.I think Rainbow six is better than fortnite because it is not that cartoonish like fortnite and there are characters that have their own ability like. Thatcher he has a grenade that can  disable electrite and can make sure there are no traps oh and you can only play R6 for short by the way it is suitable for age 12.