Friday, 17 August 2018

movie narrative

One day victor the villain was sitting at home scratching his head. He didn't know what to do so he said in his mind he should rob the bank. 

The next day he put on a mask when he got to the bank then he blew up the bank and stole the safe then he ran to a field.
He was shooting back at the jerry and me and mel then he went to the beach and buried the safe.
Then Jerry shot his leg. He fell and crawled. Then he died and then he became a zombie then the virus was spreading around the world then it was just me and jerry and mel we grabbed some weapons.

We saw the zombies running to me and jerry and mel we started to shoot and there were lots of them on the feld we ran to a random house we saw a sniper on the floor and i told mel to get the sniper then he grabbed it and started to shoot out the window while he was shooting out the window me and Mel were shooting at them when they were coming through the door then more came and we jumped out of the window when all of the zombies went in the house we were running then we saw more people they were my friends there name is Antzel and Kahurangi and Joseph we all ran to the safe zone.

We were looting the houses and we saw people dead and then we saw more zombies then we shoot them we ran away and we saw a big massive zombie we saw a rpg then we shoot the big massive Zombie.

Then it died from the rpg then i went to the helicopter then we dropped a nuke it blow up half of the earth then it was all over THE END.

osa Narrative writing plan

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Imaginative Recount: Riding on a Water Jet Pack

Last Friday I went rode on a water jet pack over the Pacific Ocean. And when I turned on the water jet pack and I went flying into the air. Then my water jet pack ran out of fuel. The water stopped then I fell into the ocean. I swam to the beach and got out of the water and went home. Then the next day I went in the water and turned on the water jet pack. It worked again. Then I went home and told my mum that it worked and I never did it again.