Thursday, 18 October 2018

aboriginal art symbol


Yesterday, my little brother and I were playing and then we went to our room. I played with my big brother and I had fun. We played a game that we made up. It was called Over and Under. Someone had to go on top and grab a pillow. The other person had to go under and try to grab the person.
I felt shocked cause my brother scared me. It was so much fun playing it with my brothers.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018



Immersion assembly

Today at immersion assembly Mr Jacobsen and Mrs Nua had to decorate Mr Burt and well they were doing that we had to show our item 1 did they split the picture and then when they finish they put it Together and it was a lion team 2 they did drawing there important in there life.Team 3 they painted on them self to paint the paper.Team 4 they had a competence at drawing Mr Moran and the winner was Mrs Sio. Team 5 they did Mr Wiseman and the other teachers are acting and they have school and then they had to hold up photos that have Different pictures then at the end Mr Wiseman rips the paper.

Cave drawing Animation